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An agency founded on the principles of Honesty, Clarity, Simplicity.

South Hansa is established in 2009. Head office is located in Belgrade.

South Hansa is a company that is representing several leading Dutch companies in agriculture , waste and water business in South East Europe. We are active in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Rumenia, Bulgaria and Greece.

Water Management
Waste to Energy
Project Coordination

No future on our planet without agriculture

We cover following fields in Agriculture. Agri Yield Management consisting of irrigation and disease management, Conditioned Storaging for potatoes, carots and onions, Greenhouses , Glasshouses. We are working with DACOM, MOOIJ AGRO, CERTHON and WIJNEN.

 Water is the source of Life. Let’s manage it.

We are covering Water Management in different branches. Dredging waterways like rivers, canals, harbours, barrier lakes, accumulations, sea harbours with ROYAL SMALS. for high volume pumps for irrigation purposes, dewatering for dredging or calamities (Kolubara) we are cooperating with VAN HECK PUMPS.  For waste water treatment plants for smaller municipalities, big city neighbourghoods, we are cooperating with our partner BLUECON.

Waste 2 Energy – We care for or environment and want to be as green and renewable as possible

With our specialised Partners VINK and AMECO, we are projecting waste to energy projects on smaller Landfills. Waste Management, landfill gasproduction, electricity production and slaughterhause garbage.

Project coordination – our speciality

Give your projects in our hands. We take care of them and will make them succeed. All our team members are experienced project managers for more than 10 years. Trust us and try it!


We are connecting Dutch technology and Balkan’s nature

Dutch companies historically have technical advantage in agriculture and water technology. This is why we are trying to implement these technologies in South East Europe to create added value for all stakeholders.

Our goal is to achieve a green and sustainable energy production

South Hansa’s aim is to introduce and to develop innovations from Holland on the Balkan territory. Here is a huge potential for innovations and new theologies. We are working main comapies in all fields in South East Europe. Slowly,but successfully, South Hansa is becoming a leading company in agriculture, water and waste business. Our biggest challenge at the moment is to convince producers to invest in new technologies to secure their crop and profit. 

Partners love South Hansa

VAN HECK - Nethelands
MOOIJ AGRO - Netherlands
BLUE CON - Netherlands
AMECO - Netherlands
WIJNEN - Netherlands
CERTHON - Netherlands
VINK - Netherlands

13 Countries

where we are present in Eastern Europe