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About Us

South Hansa is Bridging Expertise in Agriculture, Logistics, Water, and Waste Water Treatment Across South East Europe

South Hansa is your premier partner for introducing Dutch excellence to South East Europe. Our diverse portfolio encompasses agriculture, logistics, retail, and waste water treatment, all aimed at fostering innovation and sustainability in the region. Whether it’s optimizing supply chains, enhancing retail operations, or implementing advanced waste water treatment solutions, our dedicated team excels. We believe in collective knowledge sharing and serve whole South Eastern Europe, contributing to growth and progress. Contact South Hansa to explore how we can enhance your projects and help you achieve your goals.

International Partners

Our Vision

At South Hansa we believe in strong partnerships throughout the whole region


About our people

Fredrik Veneman, founder of South Hansa, has brought Dutch innovation to Southeast Europe, focusing on sustainable agriculture, logistics, and water management. His strategic approach has led to significant projects in the whole area, emphasizing practical solutions and strong international partnerships.

Fredrik Veneman

Nemanja Ignjatov, partner at South Hansa, brings a focused expertise in project management, relationship management to the team. His efficiency and collaboration in sectors like agriculture and water management contributes to the firm’s mission, making South Hansa an important link in regional development.


Nemanja Ignjatov

Damir Dobrota, with a degree in Informatics, drives South Hansa’s waste-to-energy and green projects, showcasing a commitment to sustainable technological solutions. Damir Dobrota

Project Management

We deliver top-tier project management, guaranteeing smooth processes and on-time delivery. Our team ensures efficient coordination and clear communication, ensuring successful project outcomes every time.

Management Consulting

We offer management consulting for international and multinational firms. Our tailored strategies drive growth and optimize operations. We are able to navigate complicate interregional and global challenges.


South Hansa drives successful sales initiatives across various sectors. Leveraging strategic partnerships and market expertise, we deliver results-driven solutions tailored to client needs, ensuring growth and profitability


We represents multiple firms in South East Europe and offer comprehensive services, including PO boxes, legal, and accounting assistance with partners. With our expertise, clients benefit from seamless operations and expert support.

Project Development

South Hansa excels in project development across renewables, agriculture, horticulture, and real estate. Our expertise ensures successful ventures and sustainable solutions.


Not our daily job, but South Hansa also engages in successful arbitrage ventures, leveraging partnerships with Dutch and German embassies in the region. While not our primary focus, our expertise ensures good outcomes in diverse business cases.


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